Fighting,WUHAN! Fighting ,China!

A Special“Love”from Baiyunhui Group on Valentine’s Day.

2020, All Chinese people spent a special Spring Festival, because of the Novel coronavirus pneumonia(NCP). But since the outbreak of NCP, “China Speed” shows to attract worldwide attention, because we do “When disaster struck, help came from all sides”.

Same as all Chinese enterprises,Baiyunhui Group will actively respond to combat the NCP with what it could do all the time. And Guangzhou Honghui,as the subsidiary corporation of Baiyunhui Group,specializes in manufacturing and exporting daily use products (such as toothpaste,Hand sanitizer, Disinfection products,ect.). Facing the NCP, we are arranging donation for love with our products,and hope our products can help more compatriots to protect from NCP.

2020.2.14,on this International Valentine’s Day, Baiyunhui Group specially prepared a batch of anti-epidemic disinfection items (including 84 disinfectants & hand sanitizers), and donated them with love to Government. Also called for more enterprises and individuals to fight the NCP together with what they can do.
Fighting ,Wuhan! Fighting, China!

Wish all of you enjoy a happy Valentine’s Day!

Post time: Feb-15-2020

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